• Found in 1999, shenzhen Hexi Intelligent Equipment Share Co., Ltd is one of the most competent manufacturers for electronic equipments,such as automatic inserting machines,integrated machines, lead-free reflow oven, lead-free wave soldering machine and AOI,etc.specializing in design,production and sale of SMT peripherals. To keep alongside with the increasingly growing technology in SMT industry,Hexi established another company: Hanasert Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd, which is specilized in manufacturing inserting machines such as Radial inserting machie,Axial inserting machine,Sequencer and Combined machine.ect.
    In 2012,Hexi began to engage in Robot field,products include: 3C robot, stacking&carrying robot and soldering,assembly robet.
    Company history:
    In 2001,Hexi cooperated with Korea-based company TSC for getting more sophisticated technics.In 2004,Hexi set up East China sales branch and Suzhou affiliate.in the next years,Hexi set up in succession branches in South-west Chengdou,North China as Beijing,Tianjin.Meanwhile,in order to tap oversea market, established business relationship with agents in USA,Singapore,France,Italy,Brazil,Mexico and Hungary,etc.In 2005,Hexi worked together with Tsinghua University and provided for the university supports in equipment maintenance and technique.Hexi looks forward to a brilliant future with you!

    Address: Tongfuyu Industrial Zone,Shajing Town,Baoan Distric,Shenzhen,China.
    E-mail: main@hexi-ele.com
    Tel :0755-23002763
    Contact: Mr.Xu (18688835750)

    • CECT

    • SONY

    • Samsung

    • Midea

    • Foxconn

    • BYD

    • Changhong

    • LG

    • Geely

    • Magnet marelli
    shenzhen Hexi Intelligent Equipment Share Co., Ltd. Copyright(C)2011-2013  粵ICP備09082048號-1     E-mail:main@hexi-ele.com
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